I Am…

Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days and nights facing countless trials and temptations. The temptations he was confronted with encouraged him to stand his ground and reaffirm what he stood for. When Jesus returned from the wilderness, he knew who he was and began to travel from village to village proclaiming “I am…the […]

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Mon Ami Ibou

Sometimes in life we meet individuals and form an instant connection. After that first spark, everything begins to come together naturally and with an ease that is hard to explain to someone looking from the outside in. One of the greatest blessings from my time in Senegal has been the relationships I have built. Relationships […]

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The Muslims Next Door

One of the reoccurring themes over the past year has been the role Islam plays in Senegal, especially the relationship between Christians and Muslims. It has been a defining part of daily life. I must preface by saying these are only personal observations and knowledge gained from family or friends relating to their experiences. I […]

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Two Worlds, One Family

On a Friday, with the midday sun blaring bright and fueling the afternoon heat, my two worlds intersected. For months I had shared that my mother and aunt would be visiting. Everyone close to me easily picked up on my excitement for their arrival. I could tell that their curiosity had been piqued, knowing that […]

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Trust and Thankfulness

Nine years ago I wrote my confirmation faith statement. I likened my faith journey to that of a hiker wandering a path in the woods. Along the way, the hiker encountered numerous obstacles such as fallen trees, boulders, and potholes. The opportunity to leave the main path and try searching for a short cut along […]

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You Left A Mark

Samba, Before we ever met, I had heard about you from Kristin. She expressed your eagerness for the arrival of Emily and I in Linguère so that you could begin Pulaar lessons with us. I was excited to meet you and continue my Pulaar studies. When we first ran into each other after I dropped […]

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In This Place

Last Sunday I experienced an incredible moment in church. It is what I consider holy. Arriving only a few minutes before worship was set to begin at ten, I made my way into church searching for a prime spot. I was the first one there. Within minutes, Pastor Sene walked to the front dressed in […]

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