Trust and Thankfulness

Nine years ago I wrote my confirmation faith statement. I likened my faith journey to that of a hiker wandering a path in the woods. Along the way, the hiker encountered numerous obstacles such as fallen trees, boulders, and potholes. The opportunity to leave the main path and try searching for a short cut along […]

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You Left A Mark

Samba, Before we ever met, I had heard about you from Kristin. She expressed your eagerness for the arrival of Emily and I in Linguère so that you could begin Pulaar lessons with us. I was excited to meet you and continue my Pulaar studies. When we first ran into each other after I dropped […]

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In This Place

Last Sunday I experienced an incredible moment in church. It is what I consider holy. Arriving only a few minutes before worship was set to begin at ten, I made my way into church searching for a prime spot. I was the first one there. Within minutes, Pastor Sene walked to the front dressed in […]

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This Is My Home

This past week I took a short vacation to Dakar to celebrate my birthday. The thought of swimming in the ocean on my special day was all to enticing for this Wisconsin boy. My other motivation was having access to wifi so I could Skype my twin brother and still spend our birthday together, even […]

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That Which Is Fragile

Where do you see God in all of this? That question has been asked of me several times since beginning my YAGM journey. It was a question I grappled to provide an answer for. I was convinced that an answer, if there was such a thing as a correct answer or only one, would be […]

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Life is full of surprises. I did not need to come to Senegal to find that out. Nevertheless, the surprises in this amazing country have been many. There have been more than a few occasions where I thought I knew how my day would play out only to suddenly take a sharp right turn down […]

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Here Comes The Fighter

The Fighter looks deep into the mirror. Scanning his entire upper body, he notes the scars from his years in the ring. They are constant reminders of his past bouts against powerful opponents. Moments of amazing glory and heartbreaking defeat. Without them, he wouldn’t be the fighter that he is. He is filled with anxiety. […]

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